10 of The Most Affordable Countries To Study Abroad

Do you want to study abroad? The best affordable and most affordable educational countries in the world. There are many countries around the globe that you can afford to study abroad without a lot of financial strain. This may help relieve your financial stress by finding the best places to study abroad. Although it can be difficult, we have found many places that are affordable and suitable for students who wish to study abroad. International students can also apply for thousands of scholarships to help them manage their finances abroad. This article will discuss the 10 countries that are the most affordable and where you can live your dreams without incurring major financial obligations.

10 of the Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

You may have a dream to study abroad but cannot afford the high tuition fees at international universities. Here is some good news: We share the top 10 countries that are cheap so you can easily pay for your education expenses.

Believe it or not, you can study abroad with a limited budget. You can study abroad for less than it costs if you plan well and have financial savvy.

You could save thousands by switching to a lower-cost program that offers low tuition and living costs at your university. You can also save money in advance to pay for some of the inevitable costs, such as flights, and help you reach your international goals. Many of the best destinations for studying abroad offer affordable, if anything, tuition rates.

It is difficult to decide whether to go abroad to study. There are many factors to consider. One of the most important things to consider is the cost of student housing. You may be surprised at the amount of expenses you will have to pay if you’re a first-year student who is studying abroad without any prior experience. You should consider all expenses, from accommodation to transportation costs to recreation activities, as well as education fees and tuition fees. We can help you find the best educational country to study abroad, which may relieve some of your financial stress.

#1 Study in Norway

Norway is a beautiful country and one of the most affordable in Europe to study. Although all the Nordic countries offer affordable study options, Norway is our top choice. Norway’s public universities are open to students from all parts of Europe, except for a few specialized programs.

Norway is well-known for its exceptional natural beauty and high quality of living, just like other Nordic countries in Europe. Norway has a large number of native English speakers, as well as a variety of English-taught programs at all levels. Norway is similar to other Nordic countries in that it has a high living cost. To live comfortably you will need approximately NOK 139 680. International Scholarships are available in Norway. These can be used to pay for your education abroad.

#2 Study in Taiwan

Taiwan is another option for students looking to study in Asia. The tuition rate for undergraduates at National Taiwan University (ranked 72nd in QS World University Rankings 2019) starts at TW$100,000. (US$3,300 per year for liberal arts programs) and goes up to TW$124,000. (US$4,050).

Taiwan offers more than 120 English-taught courses at over 40 universities. It is also a popular destination to learn Mandarin. Taiwan offers a high standard of living at a low cost. Annual housing costs are as low as TW$88,000 (US$2,900).

#3 Study in Germany

Every international student dreams of studying in Germany, as it is one of the top European countries. Germany is being called “the land of ideas” by international students. It has many prestigious colleges, low tuition costs, and a high quality of life.

The good news is that education in Germany is free for students in public universities and colleges. However, you will need to pay the Germany Student Visa and flight tickets. Except for Baden Wurttemberg’s public universities, all other public universities do not charge tuition fees at the undergraduate or PhD levels. Masters students who have not completed their undergraduate degree in Germany can expect to spend EUR20,000 (US$23,000.450) per year. However, you may be eligible to receive multiple scholarships in Germany. To cover your living expenses you will need EUR10,200 (US$11,000.95) per year. Your lifestyle, location, and spending habits may impact how much you need. You can also find a wide range of English-taught courses, especially at the graduate level.

#4 Study in France

France is home to some of the most affordable universities and public colleges for international and domestic students. For bachelor’s programs, international and domestic students share the same tuition fees in France. They are EUR170 (US$200). EUR243 (US$285) is the cost of most master’s programs. EUR380 (US$445) will be for doctoral programs in 2020/21.

The fees for Grands Ecoles or Grands Grands establishments are much higher. They set their own fees. Paris, the capital, will have the highest living costs. However, it may be worth it – Paris has been named the number one student city in the world four times in succession (and currently ranks fifth). You can learn French in France if you don’t know the language. There are many English-taught programs at the postgraduate level.

#5 Study in Mexico

Mexico is one the most visited countries in Latin America, and it has a rich culture to explore. There are many opportunities for international students. The tuition rates for international students are variable. Private colleges tend to be more expensive, but the average annual tuition for international students studying in Mexico City (ranked among the top 100 cities for students) is approximately US$6,300. Mexico is also very affordable in terms of living expenses. The average budget for Mexico City amounts to approximately US$9250 and US$6,450 in other places. Although Spanish is the main language of instruction, Mexican institutions increasingly offer English-taught courses to international students.

#6 Study in India

For those who are looking for affordability and cultural diversity, India is a great choice. Hindi is the most common of India’s 100 languages. However, English is used frequently in Indian colleges, especially at the postgraduate level. Living costs are extremely low. A one-way trip by public transport can cost as little at 29 cents US. While tuition costs vary depending on the university and study level, they should not exceed US$7 880 per annum. You should be able live comfortably with as little as US$4,600 annually.

#7 Study in Argentina

Argentina is South America’s second largest country. It boasts stunning natural beauty and a diverse terrain which makes it ideal for students who are interested in adventure and discovery outdoors. Argentina is also known for its friendly culture and strong national identity. It is considered one of the most secure countries in the region.

You can usually study at a state-funded university for free. Private universities typically charge around US$5,100 per annum. Living costs will cost you approximately $5,000 with rent starting at US$350 per mo.

#8 Study in Poland

Poland is another country that you can study abroad with a small budget. It offers a high-quality education and a rich history. You can study free if you speak Polish and pass the same admissions exams as Polish students.

However, there are many English-taught programs that can be found, with prices ranging from EUR2,000 to €3,500 per year. The annual cost of living is EUR6,600 (US$77,000). Warsaw was ranked in the top 20 for affordability and 53rd overall in the QS Best Student Cities 2020 survey.

#9 Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is without doubt one of the most affordable countries to study abroad. QS Best Student Cities 2016 ranked Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur as the most affordable, with students spending an average of MYR 14,400 each year to live comfortably. However, tuition costs are approximately US$4,000 for an academic year. Certain degrees are considerably less.

Malaysia also has a number of international university branch campuses such as Monash University in Australia and the University of Nottingham in England. These universities allow students to obtain a degree at a lower cost.

#10 Study in South Africa

South Africa is well-known for its natural beauty, cultural diversity, and turbulent past. This concludes our list of top destinations to study abroad. A great option for outdoor enthusiasts is South Africa, which has a low cost of living and minimal tuition.

Students from abroad can study at the University of Cape Town, South Africa’s top-ranked university according to the QS World University Rankings. The University of the Western Cape charges an average of US$6,000 for tuition. You’ll need R 120,000 annually to cover your living expenses.

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